Drain Cleaning Service & Repair in Omaha

dishwashersOne of the most common reasons to contact a plumber is a drain clog. There are several drains in your home, all of which are used several times per day making each of them highly susceptible to clogs and the accumulation of residue.

There are various causes for drain clogs and residue including:

In the bathroom, clogs can occur in your shower, bathtub, toilet, and sink drains.

The toilet is the one drain in your home that becomes clogged most often.

Typically, this is due to materials being flushed down the toilet that are not meant to be flushed.

This includes products like:
dental floss, cleansing towelettes, baby wipes, feminine products & q-tips

The pipes that are connected to your toilet are designed to carry away water and human waste, anything else is a foreign object that the pipes are not made to handle.

The sink, shower, and bathtub drains not only develop clogs that fully obstruct the flow of water, but also develop layers of residue that adhere to the inside walls of the pipes and cause a narrowing of the diameter of the pipes. This eventually leads to water draining more slowly and finally to a full clog.

Specializing in your drain cleaning needs

When you do your grooming at the bathroom sink, or bathe in the shower or bathtub you rinse water and various health and beauty products down the drain. These products go into the drain as a liquid and, mixed with the hot water, are fairly thin in viscosity. However, once the products land in the drain pipes and the water dissipates, the left over residue slowly dries out and solidifies into a solid that then sticks to the inside of the drain pipes. Products like shaving crème and bar soap are especially difficult to remove because they are designed to be a solid, then turn to liquid with water, and back to solid once the water has evaporated.

Potatoe in DrainIn the kitchen, food particles and grease are washed down the drain and into the pipes. Depending on what the food is, this mixture can quickly create a residue that is similar to cement.

These foods include: potatoes, noodles, rice & oatmeal

It is tempting to use an over-the-counter drain cleaner to remove residue and clogs from your drains. After all, the packaging makes it look simple and mess-free. However, these products do very little to break down residue and, if left to sit long enough, will actually weaken your pipes, which could lead to cracks and leaks in future.

Our team uses the latest in drain cleaning technology and techniques to completely clean the inside of your drain pipes. In fact, a professional drain cleaning completed by one of our high-skilled plumbers could return your drain pipes to like-new condition.

You don’t have to live with clogged drains in Omaha

Drain ClogA drain clog is one of those plumbing break downs that needs immediate attention. Whether the clog has been forming for a while or, a large mass is suddenly blocking the pipe flow the clog basically causes your entire plumbing system to come to a complete halt.

Drain clogs can occur in any of the drains inside and outside of your home. Some drains in your home that are vulnerable to clogs are:

  • kitchen sink
  • bathroom sink
  • shower
  • bathtub
  • toilet
  • floor drains in the garage, laundry room, or shop

When a clog occurs, the result is a back-up of water into the basin, on the floor, or on the countertop. Regardless of which room the clog happens in, the water that backs up can create a serious health hazard as it could contain bacteria and chemicals.

Our team of specially-trained plumbers will expertly assess the location and cause of the clog and then apply the most effective drain clog repair technique to remove the clog.

Whether you need to have annual drain cleaning done for your plumbing system or, you have a clog that is creating a dangers and inconvenient mess, our team has the experience and the technology to get the job done. With years of experience and an exceptional commitment to customer service, we are confident you will be pleased with our service.