Expert Drain Cleaning & Clogged Drain Repair in Omaha, Nebraska.

American Rooter Drain Cleaning understands that in the case of a plumbing malfunction the number one priority is to get the problem resolved – permanently. With years of combined experience our team is dedicated to providing each of our clients with professional and thorough service. We use top of the line equipment and the latest technology to make sure that your drain system is left running clear without obstruction.

Our Omaha plumbers are highly-skilled and professionally trained in the latest drain cleaning techniques so they can quickly and effectively assess the situation and provide the right service that will get the job done right – the first time. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service, which is why a majority of our clients have been with us for years. Our team members are a part of this community and are proud to serve the residents of Omaha. Our well-earned reputation is important to us and we are dedicated to making sure that each of our clients is treated with respect and care. Read More About Our Omaha Drain Cleaning Services



Essentially, a drain is any portion of your plumbing system that is designed to carry waste and used water away from your home and to either your septic system or, the City sewer system. These drains include your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, shower, bathtub, toilet, and any drains you have in the floor in your laundry room, shop, garage, or utility room. All of the drains in your home are vulnerable to clogs and obstructions. The severity of the clog depends on what types of materials are sent down the drain.

Statistically, your toilet is the number one most often clogged drain in your home. This is true for a variety of reasons but, mostly because items are flushed down the toilet that the toilet is not designed to manage. Things like baby wipes, q-tips, and dental floss are routinely flushed down the toilet and, once inside of the drain, will get caught and cause an obstruction in the line.

In your bathroom, the sink, bathtub, and shower typically develop more gradual clogs. When you bathe or do any grooming all of the products that you use are rinsed down the drain. Also, in the shower and bathtub hundreds of strands of hair are rinsed down the drain every day. When the health and beauty products that you use are rinsed down the drain they are liquid and mixed with water. However, once they are in the drain and the water evaporates, these products harden and form into a residue similar to cement that adheres to the inside diameter of your pipes. Add to that the large volume of hair that goes down the drain on a daily basis and you have a stubborn clog that will quickly block the flow of water.

Our plumbers are familiar with all clog types and causes and can easily asses your drain system’s materials, age, and configuration to apply the most appropriate technique and tool that will get rid of the clog safely and effectively. Read More About American Rooter Plumbing


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Clogged or Backed Up, Call American Rooter Today!

Whether you need a maintenance cleaning of the drains in your home or, you are preparing dinner for your family and the kitchen sink clogs and causes a back-up of bacteria laden water, our team will arrive promptly and with the right tools and training to make sure the job is done right! More About Our Clogged Drain Repair Service

Sewer Line Problems? Call American Rooter!

Your sewer line is an essential piece of your plumbing system. While the material that it manages is something that no one wants to think about, the line is vulnerable and it is important to know the signs of a pending sewer line clog. Some of the signs of pending trouble include;

  • You have multiple toilets in your home back-up or malfunction at the same time, this is a definite sign that your sewer line is having trouble.
  • There are gurgling noises or sputtering when you turn the water on at the faucet.
  • There is an odor or foul smell coming from the sink drain, the toilet, or even outside in your yard.
  • The water level in your toilet(s) shifts through the day for no apparent reason.

A sewer line clog is a serious situation. Not only are there environmental impacts, but also dangerous health hazards to be considerate of. Our plumbers have expert-level experience managing sewer line clogs and can help to eliminate any type of clog that you are dealing with. More About Our Sewer Line Services

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